An Italian boy from Hollis Mason's neighborhood.

In 1955 he went to Big Top Circus with some friends.[1] The Comedian, intending to utilise Nite Owl, disguised as Hooded Justice and kidnapped Tino and took him to an abandoned building near the circus, where a murdered child was found in 1940.[1][2] That evening Mrs. Musante begged Mason to find Tino.[1]

Again posing as H.J. the Comedian lured Nite Owl in the building and then disposed him.[1][2] When he came about, Tino returned to his family, and Nite Owl was honored with the Key to the City. Tino was there with Mrs. Musante and testified for his bravery.[2]

Nite Owl was convinved that H.J. was the serial killer and as the Comedian expected, he discovered his whereabouts.[2]


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