A self-improvement and fitness book by Veidt Enterprises, capitalizing on the fact that Adrian Veidt had honed his body and mind in near-perfection. Built on powerful spiritual disciplines, the mental and physical exercises promise to make new "superhumans" in charge of their own destiny who will change the world. Apparently it is part of the larger vision of Veidt to improve and save the world.

It is seen advertised on the back cover of the Tales of the Black Freighter reprints, showing a "before" and an "after" picture of a figure.

Before leaving for Karnak, Veidt wrote a revised introduction for an updated version of teh book, although the contents are not shown.


There is an introduction by Veidt addressed to the reader, explaining the contents of the book.

The first chapter centers on lateral thinking, Zen meditation, dreams, the subconscious and intellectual exercises.

The second chapter discusses the relation of body and mind. Based on Yogic doctrines and martial training, it develops alternative medicine techniques of focusing the mind's power to heal the body, and how physical exercises help focus the mind.

The third and longest chapter presents carefully coordinated physical and intelectual exercise systems.

The fourth chapter explains the world as an organism, and how the reader can healthily interact with it and improve their relationships and the persons around them.


It seems to be equivalent of the Charles Atlas ads.


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