Sweet Chariot is a brand of chewing sugar cubes that come only in catering packs[1]. Dan Dreiberg had packs in his house and whenever Rorschach visited his home he used to steal some of them from and keep them in his pocket and chew them.[2] Sugar cubes were found in his pocket during his arrest.[3]

When Laurie Juspeczyk visited Dan, he didn't have enough sugar for her coffee, as Rorscach had stolen all but two cubes.[4] He remedied it by buying a new bag.[5]

Steven Fine paid a visit to Dreiberg and noticed a bag of the sugar (no doubt making a connection with the cubes found on Rorschach during his arrest[6]). When Dan rescued Rorschach from Sing Sing, he put a bunch in his pockets before leaving and escaping the police force.[1]


It is not clear in the narrative if the brand is owned by Veidt Enterprises.

The name is perhaps a reference to the spiritual song Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.


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