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Detective Steven Fine is Detective Joe Bourquin's partner. They both investigate Edward Blake's death but they let it "drop out of sight," saying that in a big city like that lots of things happen and they don't all need reasons, out of fear that they'll have to deal with Rorschach's intervention. The two of them also investigate other cases throughout the novel, like a sudden murder in which Steve also interrogates Mrs. Hirsch, the mother of the victims.

While Joe Bourquin seems to be more like the leader or boss between them both, Steve adopts the posture of the "cool" cop: the one who doesn't care much about the rules, joking when he gets the chance and not letting the cases affect him too much.

When receiving an anonymous call (presumably from Adrian Veidt) telling them where to find Rorschach, Fine at first hears it as "Raw Shark," which is a parallel with the Black Freighter comic "Marooned." The call allows a police force to capture Rorschach.

He figured out that Dan Dreiberg is Nite Owl II and hints at this to Dreiberg to try to prevent him from engaging in further activity. When a police force later arrives at Dreiberg's house, he is absent.

Fine was subsequently suspended. Eventually he is killed by the Alien Monster.

He smokes hand-rolled cigarettes.


In the the film Fine and Bourquin have no important role, appearing in two scenes: at the beginning investigating Blake's death and then in Rorschach's capture.

Fine is played by actor Jay Brazeau.

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