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Sally Jupiter (1920 - ), born Sally Juspeczyk (Pronounced: use-PETCH-ick) was the first woman to hold the title of the Silk Spectre. Her daughter, Laurie Juspeczyk, being the second.


Born Sally Juspeczyk (changed to hide her Polish ancestry) in 1920, the first Silk Spectre was a runaway and former waitress and burlesque dancer. Laurence and Sally were known each in Europe. Once they were broke in Warsow and Larry found a job for her at the Moritz. There, he heard a Prince commenting that Sally is the most beautiful woman in Europe.[1]

She entered into action as an adventurer sometime around 1938 when she was only 18 years old. In her time, she was a sex symbol whom villains and criminals didn't really mind getting caught by. The magazine Daily World had an article about her shortly before the founding of Minutemen.

She was said to have been an action heroine version of a pin-up girl and, even in her old age, she seemed proud of her sex symbol status, apparently enjoying male attention as indicated by her career as a dancer. However, she seems to have some serious self-esteem issues related to this quirk considering she felt responsible for the Comedian assaulting her and her pleased reaction to learning of a Tijuana bible that was based on her, despite her daughter's disapproval of it being highly demeaning of her.


Pinup picture of Sally Jupiter

She was soon invited by Captain Metropolis to join the Minutemen, a group of costumed heroes. On October 2nd, 1940, after a meeting of the Minutemen, she was sexually assaulted by Edward Blake, alias The Comedian. He was stopped by fellow Minuteman Hooded Justice, who posed as her boyfriend, and gave him a vicious beating. The event would have a profound impact on Sally's life; her agent, Laurence Schexnayder, persuaded her not to press charges against the Comedian for fear of damaging the group's image. More celebrity than vigilante, Silk Spectre provided a cover for Hooded Justice's homosexuality by being his glamorous girlfriend (possibly her way of thanking him for intervening when the Comedian attacked her). In an interview, she admitted that she didn't really like The Silhouette, a.k.a. Ursula Vandt, who was constantly pestering her about her Polish heritage, but later expressed regret that she was expelled from the group simply because she was a lesbian, especially since there were men on the team who were gay (though she did not identify them).

Shortly her retirement, Edmund Taylor intended to make a movie based on her, but her agent Laurence Schexnayder declined.


In 1947 Sally retired from crime-fighting and married her agent, Schexnayder, while keeping in touch with Hollis Mason (the first Nite Owl) and Nelson Gardner (Captain Metropolis). In 1949 she gave birth to her daughter Laurel Jane, commonly known as Laurie. It was known to both parents that Laurie was not Laurence's child, but the Comedian's, from a second encounter, and this led to conflict in the family, leading the couple to divorce in 1956. While not explicitly stated, it is implied that Sally's second sexual encounter with the Comedian was consensual, and that, despite it all, she did have feelings for him.

As for Laurie, she came to accept that her mother's incomprehensible affair with her would-be rapist is something she could never understand, but it's something too complicated to condemn her mother about.   Her deep devotion to her flawed mother is exemplified by Laurie's insistence on using their real surname of Juspeczyk and not the assumed Jupiter.

After her retirement, was able to move to an upscale retirement community in California, Nepenthe Gardens, and maintain an upper-class lifestyle. Her prosperity is shown in contrast to Hollis Mason's working-class circumstances in a phone conversation between them[2]


Of all the original Minutemen members, Sally was undoubtedly the most financially savvy. She stated in the Probe interview that her venture as a costumed heroine was motivated almost entirely by money, and she saw the entire act as merely a stepping stone to a lucrative career as a film star and starred at Silk Swingers of Suburbia[3]. Although her hoped-for Hollywood career never materialized, she accumulated enough money from modeling to purchase a luxurious house.

Laurie did not forgive her mother wanting herself become her "heir" of sorts. Sally convinced her to exercise so that she would mature and take her place, but Laurie was reluctant for this career. Eventually, she saw the Keene Act as a redemption, but still considered her 10 years with the Crimebusters to be lost years.

Rorschach did not think much about her and called her a "whore dying in a California rest resort". The reason for this would be because of her sex-symbol status, while Rorschach was anti-sexual. Also, he didn't approve her accusing the Comedian, whom he considered a patriot; just called the rape a "moral relapse". He didn't think much about her daughter, Laurie.

Film version

Carla Gugino plays Silk Spectre in the film.


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