Roy Victor Chess was a hired assassin who accosted Adrian Veidt in his office building. He shot Veidt's secretary before being disarmed by Veidt. Veidt attempted to interrogate him, but he died by means of a poison capsule.

On November 1, 1985, Rorschach and Nite Owl interrogated an employee of Pyramid Deliveries who revealed that he had been ordered to hire Chess for a hit and give him a brown envelope. He protested that he didn't know Chess had attempted to assassinate Veidt, and he demanded protection, as he was a part of Veidt's ultimate plot and would have to be eliminated.

Veidt later explained to them, that Chess did not commit suicide with the capsule, but that Veidt had fed it to him.

In the film, Chess appears as a delivery man and comes out of the elevator, and instead manages to shoot Veidt's secretary in the leg and her hand, as well as two of the business men in the head and the chest before being disarmed.

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