A man who was Nelson Gardner's "friend".

When Nelson Gardner read a draft of Under the Hood in 1962, he was terrified by the revelations. According to Veldon he lost his sleep and thought about suicide. Worried, Veldon visited Hollis Mason in his repair shop to forbid him publish the book. When Mason denied, Veldon ripped his copy of the draft and threatened him with lawsuits.[1]


It is more than likely that Veldon was Gardner's homosexual love partner, after Hooded Justice's disappearance. This is evidenced by Veldon's hesitation in his introduction ("I am a... friend of Nelson's"), his worrying about Gardner, and then the mention of "our lawyers". His strong and robust build and hot temper is comparable to Hooded Justice's hinting that he was within Gardner's sexual preferences.

Although far-fetched, it is also possible that Veldon is Hooded Justice, the two having retained their relationship after his persona has disapperaed from the public.


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