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New Frontiersman is a conservative publication. Typically containing articles espousing "right-wing" political and societal views, it is read regularly by Rorschach. A sample article appears in the Watchmen graphic novel at the end of Chapter VIII. It was also a political antagonist of the Nova Express.

The sample includes a political cartoon including some glaring racial and social stereotypes; a fat, greasy Jew representing big business, an Italian gangster (complete with Black Hand tie pin) representing crime, a black whore selling drugs, a dark haired Knot-Top youth representing delinquency, and, looming behind them all, the Soviet Union represented by a huge man in Russian costume with USSR in Cyrillic letters on his hat. The Hero who is being handcuffed and unmasked by Doug Roth representing the Liberal media is blonde and "Aryan" and has a stereotypical All-American family in the audience, something not true of any of the masked heroes in the story. Ironically the most blonde and "perfect" of the heroes is Adrian Veidt, the hero New Frontiersman likes least, on account of his liberal leanings. Also in the cartoon, Lady Liberty can be seen weeping. This weeping statue image echoes the closeup of the angel seen at The Comedian's funeral.

Right before leaving for Ozymandias' Antarctica stronghold Rorschach mails a package to the offices of the New Frontiersman bearing the word "URGENT". The package contains his journal. The final scene of the story has Hector Godfrey telling one of his writers, Seymour, to find something to fill two more pages of the next issue, leaving it "entirely" in Seymour's hands. Nearby sits the journal.

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