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Edgar William Jacobi (? - October 21, 1985), also known as Moloch the Mystic, is a retired supervillain. He was a prominent enemy of both Dr. Manhattan and the Comedian in the post-Minutemen era. Moloch was left-handed (as seen by the way he holds a gun)

Beginning his magician career as a teenager, he transitioned to crime. It is revealed in Hollis Mason's Under the Hood that he had been a frequent enemy of the Minutemen. He had invented a Solar Mirror Weapon which was apprehended by the Minutemen and was to be found in their headquarters as a trophy.

After small-time crime, he began running vice clubs and gambling dens often with hellish names and decor, where he oversaw drugs and financial fraud. In 1964 he kidnapped the Governor of New Jersey, in 1972 he hijacked the liner Queen Elizabeth II and in 1977 bombed the New York Stock Exchange.[1]

His return was (according to the Comedian) the reason for the brief formation of the Crimebusters in 1966.

After spending a lot of the 1970s in prison for his crimes he retired, assuming the public persona of a retired business man. He also seemed to have embraced Catholicism.


Edgar William Jacobi, retired

He was part of Adrian Veidt's conspiracy to get rid of Dr. Manhattan, in which he was hired by Dimensional Developments and given cancer (unbeknownst to him), along with Wally Weaver and Janey Slater.

When Eddie Blake discovered Veidt's plan to achieve a utopian world, he found the list of infected people and realised that Jacobi was one of the few people he could be certain was not a part of Veidt's plan. Drunk and hysterical, Blake broke into Jacobi's home at night and told him about the plan, knowing that Jacobi would not understand.

At the Comedian's funeral, he attended incognito and put some flowers on his grave. Dr. Manhattan saw him but did not realize it was his old enemy - unlike Rorschach who was also there without his mask (it is possible that Dr. Manhattan simply didn't care at this point or consider the presence of either of them worth reacting to).

Rorschach followed him to his house and threatened him. Jacobi told Rorschach that he has cancer and the story about the mysterious visit by the Comedian shortly before his death.[2]

In October 21 Rorschach again visited Jacobi and demanded that should he have any information regarding discrediting Dr. Manhattan, to leave a note in the trashcan opposite Gunga Diner

Later that day, Rorschach saw a figure dropping a message in that trashcan and visited Jacobi's house. There he found him murdered, and Rorschach was framed for the crime.[3] Later it is revealed that Adrian Veidt had murdered Jacobi as part of his ultimate plot to bring peace to the world.


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