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Milton Glass directed the Gila Flats institute leading experiments to show whether atomic power could be controlled. The Manhattan Project showed how destructive that power could be, but he believed that it should change the world instead.[1]

After the accident that destroyed Jon Osterman, he attempted to reverse the intrinsic field generators to no avail. He then announced the news to Josef Osterman.[1]

He sponsored Dr. Manhattan, having been present at the accident that destroyed Jon Osterman, leading to his rebirth as Dr. Manhattan.

In the graphic novel, Glass was the source of the quote "God (later amended by the media to 'The Superman') exists, and he's American." His misgivings over the existence of this godlike being led him to write Doctor Manhattan, Super Powers and the Superpowers.

Dr. Glass does not appear at all in the movie. All his scenes and lines are given to Wally Weaver.

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