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Max Shea (d. November 2, 1985) was the artist who wrote Marooned.

At least in other quantum universes he wrote It Came from Dimension X published in Thrilling Space Mysteries.[1]

He disappeared almost simultaneously with other artists.

The last week of October, the police called off the inquiry about his disappearance because of lack of evidence. The New Frontiersman insisted that these disappearances were part of a conspiracy.

During Halloween, he is shown on an uncharted island with Hira Manish, a vanished artist, and they discuss their current project and Shea's past work as Manish sketches the face of the alien. It is revealed that Manish has done the art for some of Shea's past works, and they refer to the alien both affectionately and sarcastically as "our baby."[2]

Later he is with the other artists on a ship bearing the Pyramid Deliveries logo as they depart from the island, presumably headed for the mainland. He and Manish hide in the cargo hold and are about to make love when Shea discovers a box under a tarpaulin. He lifts the tarp and realizes the box is a huge bomb that will go off in seconds, planned by Adrian Veidt to erase all traces of the alien project. When Manish asks what's wrong, he holds tightly to her, saying, "Nothing's wrong. Hold me." The bomb explodes moments later, obliterating the ship and killing Shea, Manish, and everyone on board. A small drawing of the alien, left by Manish, washes up onto the shore of the island, the sole remnant of their project.[3]


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