A schoolgirl from Edgar Jacobi's village an his classmate. It seems that he hated him like everyone else. Eddie had a romantic interest in her and on Valentine's Day she received a card from him. She started hitting him and shouting how he disgusted her. As he was taught never to hit a girl, Eddie didn't react.[1]

Eventually Eddie found acceptance thanks to the use of magic tricks that impressed his schoolmates. He asked from Marie to be his assistant and she cooperated well. Then, wanting to embarass him, she pretended to see him differently. However she had a relationship with David, and one day they were copulating in a glade, she told him her plans, which were overheard by Eddie who was walking nearby.[1]

Marie and dave

Enraged, Eddie used a trick to kill David, and pulled his body on Marie's bed in her house. Marie woke up finding her lover gutted. She spent the following 10 years in an asylum.[1]

The memory of Marie provoking him haunted Moloch during his relationships with prostitutes.[1] Marie was also one of his last thoughts before being shot.[2]


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