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  • 15:15, Rorschach is discovered by cops in the Comedian's apartment.
  • 18:58, news report about Rorschach attacking a cop
  • 18:52, extra signs while Nite Owl II walks home
  • 20:25, Nite Owl II talks to Rorschach about attacking a cop
  • 22:32, Rorschach walks the night, monologue
  • 36:46, A homeless red-head walks around the graveyard with a sign: "The End is Nigh"
  • 39:58, The Comedian shoots from a helicopter
  • 45:28, Dr. Manhattan makes an entrance
  • 46:46, extended confrontation scene between Watchmen and the Comedian
  • 48:35, The Comedian argues with rioters
  • 50:56, extended leaving-the-graveyard scene. Dr. Manhattan shakes someone's hand.
  • 51:53, extended Malich entering his home
  • 58:04, Rorschach puts on a rose from the grave.
  • 1:04:?? graffiti of "fallout shelter" on side, scene at news-stand (red-head hobo asking about a right-wing paper, guy reading "Tales of the Black Freighter" comic)
  • 1:07:?? slightly extended fight scene in the alley
  • 1:09:37 Dr. Manhattan stands alone in the studio, after teleporting everyone away, after the fight in the alley Nite Owl II goes alone to Nite Owl I's house and sees Dr. Manhattan "losing it."
  • 1:17:08 Dr. Manhattan floating in the sky with the leaves falling. Reference is made about his symbol
  • 1:18:?? Brief closeup of Dr. Manhattan after exploding the gangsters
  • 1:19:53 Slightly more words during Dr. Manhattan monologue
  • 1:21:50 Asking Silk Spectre about Dr. Manhattan's disappearance, and flashback to The Comedian burning the map. The Comedian and Silk Spectre talking. Locating Mr. Manhattan.
  • 1:21:30 Extended briefing of Nixon after locating Dr. Manhattan, detailing the world's situation.
  • 1:26:52 Discussing how to contact Dr. Manhattan and Silk Spectre leaves her interrogators
  • 1:30:42 Secretary has hand shot off
  • 1:32:47 Rorschach gets equipment for night, scares off an attacker, goes to the apartment of the assassin who tried to attack Ozymandias.
  • 1:40:23 Explains why he doesn't compromise.
  • 1:42:40 extended return scene
  • 1:45:53 psychiatrist says "I can't help him."
  • 1:46:58 Extended scene at Nite Owl II's hideout
  • 1:49:32 Nite Owl II talks about Nite Owl I
  • 1:53:21 "Maybe we're going too fast"
  • 2:00:01 Child talks to mother during building-on-fire rescue: "Is that a guy in a space rocket? Is that Jesus?"
  • 2:01:?? extended love-making scene
  • 2:06:29 During prison-rescue. "How do we know he's still alive?"
  • 2:09:33 Extended exit scene during prison-rescue.
  • 2:12:05 Gang decide to kill Nite Owl, Nite Owl I calls Sally Jupiter before being killed. Rorschach complains to Nite Owl II about hiding, suggests hitting-up underworld contacts to find killer.
  • 2:18:40 Nite Owl II finds out about death of Nite Owl I, extended talk between Dr. Manhattan and Silk Spectre
  • 2:22:53 Nite Owl II upset.
  • 2:29:54 Longer flashback.

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