Leo Winston is the president of Marketing and Development department of Veidt Enterprises. He was married to Josephine with whom he had children.

He believed that the action figure line needed an extended range of product to attain a higher proile, although Veidt vetoed more enemy dolls, as all of his former enemies were dead.[1]

He was investigating the the trademark and copyright laws concernng figures based on Rorscach and Nite Owl II and asked Veidt his opinion because of his personal connection to them. He also mentioned that Moloch left no estate that would oppose a marketing move on a figurine based on him. He also proposed the inclusion of Bubastis to tie in with the Saturday morning cartoon based on Ozymandias.

He sent a dummy promotional leaflet to Veidt and asked to discuss the future Ziggurat of Death RPG.

Veidt responded that he loved Bubastis but was uncertain for the figures. He proposed costumed terrorists (with a militaristic flavor) as main villains for the cartoon and the toy line.

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