Lee Iacocca was an American businessman. Iacocca and other businessmen were afraid that Adrian Veidt's free energy would dismantle the economy. When Dr. Manhattan left for Mars, they visited Veidt Enterprises and told him that with the Soviet Union threat, people were going to need good, old-fashioned energy to rely on: He told Veidt that the world can't just quit on oil and nuclear power. Another businessman joked that they should have to make a public inquiry about Veidt's communist affiliations.

Veidt explained that he considers the fossil fuels, oil, and nuclear power as drugs of humanity, and Iacocca along with other captains of industry are the pushers. He also added that Veidt is worth more than all of their corporations combined. He could buy and sell them, something they should factor into their decision to make their disagreement public.

Iacocca was worried by the threat and attempted to reconsider his negotiations. Moments later, Roy Victor Chess arrived and shot him in the head.

Behind the scenes

Iacocca is portrayed by lookalike actor Walter Addison in the 2009 film Watchmen. Iacocca was reportedly "not pleased" when he learned of his fictional death, but said that the actor Walter Addison looked good in the part.

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