Josephine or Joey is a stereotypically "butch" lesbian taxi driver under Promethean. She read the Hustler and was a customer of Bernard.

She has been pressured by her younger, more "politically correct" partner Aline into supporting GWAR, and Aline did not support her lifestyle, such as reading Hustler.

She is first seen when picking Laurie from the Rockefeller Military Research Center and drops her outside the Treasure Island, close to Dan Dreiberg's house.[1]

Next Saturday she bought the new Hustler from Bernard and also forced him (by threatening) to post an advertisement of the GWAR-backed Pink Triangle concert.[2]

She had a relationship with Aline until they broke up the last days of October. She asked from Bernard an issue of the New York Gazette to look for apartments. Derf and his girlfriend were also there. Then the issue arrived, having a headline about the riot in Sing Sing.[3]

Joey eventually met Aline in the street outside the Promethean. Aline scolded her for not respecting gay professionals working openly. That moment Milo's brother asked her where he's at.

They started fighting; Aline attempted to give her a book about relationships to help her understand what happened to them, and Joey complained that she just wanted to go to bed with her one time. and were seen by Steven Fine who attempted to aid them. At that same moment, they died by the Alien Monster.[4]

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