Hollis Wordsworth Mason was Hollis Mason's grandfather, a farmer in Montana.

He was a conservative and religious person, distrustful of the city folk, considering it a cesspool of immorality and crime (indicating that he was blind to the dark side of rural life marked by drunk husbands and domestic violence). When Hollis Jr. was born, he was honored to see him given his own name and had a special concern for his moral upbringing.

Hollis had his own dreams for his son and had prepared for him a future in his farm. However, because of the amount of guilt, pressure and recrimination, his son decided to move with his family to New York. They had a lot of arguments because of this decision and predicted poverty and moral ruination for his son.

These warnings gave passion to his son and he was proud that he managed to keep his family above the poverty line. The moral legacy marked young Hollis's character and sense of right and justice, enabling him to be a cop.[1][2]


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