Hector Godfrey is the editor of New Frontiersman. His assistant is Seymour.

After the arrest of Walter Kovacs/Rorschach, it was found that he bundled past issues of the NF in his appartment and Godfrey was asked for a comment. Godfrey told to the TV that Rorschach should perhaps be reassessed as a patriot and a true American.[1]


Godfrey has a "prissy" personality, affecting tightly buttoned shirts and ties and eating his hamburger with both pinkies extended.

He would seem to be extremely hardworking, as he is able to turn out a daily newspaper with only one not-very-able assistant and one unreliable cartoonist. This diligence comes from his sense of mission, to keep the voice of "truth and honor", as he sees it, heard. His views, to judge from the sample and quotes from his paper that we see are paranoid and racist but courageous and honest to his own sense of right and wrong. His writing style is angry and vituperative, reading like one of Glenn Beck's more ill-tempered rants written down.


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