Gloria Long is the wife of Malcolm Long, the psychologist of Walter Kovacs. After being frequently neglected by Malcolm, their marriage eventually deteriorates.


She and Malcolm have one child who's name is Reggie Long.

The first night after Malcolm's first session with Kovacs, Gloria told him not to lose himself in that case as it would ruin his cheerful disposition. Mal replied that their happy and content life could not change with his job and they went to bed.

The next evening Malcolm was again buried in his work and painkillers, and Gloria complained that she didn't get the attention she deserved from him. Malcolm complained that she brings up love whenever he needs to work, and she replied that he brings up work whenever she needs love.

The next day, in an obvious attempt to bring her faily to the norm, invited Randy and Diana. That night Gloria attempted to sweeten things. Malcolm however was exhausted and slept early.

The next evening, Gloria was annoyed that Malcolm had forgotten about the guests. The guests start to tease Long about Kovacs. Unamused, Long tells them in detail about the murder of Blair Roche ruining the evening. Gloria leaves the table and the guests find a pretense to leave as well. Gloria went to the bedroom and left when Malcolm followed her. Then she showed up with a coat and left him alone staring at a Rorscach inkblot.[1]

Later Long and his wife have separated and are attempting to make amends. On November 2, she waited for him near Bernard's stand to meet him on his way from work, not feeling ready to meet him back at the apartment yet. She said she missed Malcolm but could not live with someone who works with criminals and manics and lets their misery affect his personal life. She asked him to ask for a transfer to different work.

At that moment, Malcolm saw Joey beating Aline and ran to help, over Gloria's objections. She threatened that she doesn't want to see him again if he lets himself get drawn towards somebody's grief.

Moments later, they are both killed when Adrian Veidt's alien monster is teleported to New York, causing a shockwave that kills half the city.


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