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Watchmen Portraits - Derf

Derf was a Knot Top with a strong dislike toward hooded heroes. He was also a customer of Bernard and had a girlfriend who was an addict.

On Halloween of 1985 after hearing that Nite Owl had helped Rorschach escape the Sing Sing facility, and not knowing that there had been two Nite Owls, he roused the other Knot Tops near Bernard's stand and led the mob of degenerates to a retired Hollis Mason's home. Hollis was then beaten to death by Derf with the very Nite Owl statuette Mason received as a reward from the city.

After Veidt's creature was transported to New York, Derf's dead body can be seen at the Pale Horse concert.


Derf was played by actor Patrick Sabongui in the Watchmen film.

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