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Charlton Comics was an American comic book publishing company that existed between 1946 and 1986, although it began under a different name in 1944.

In 1983, Charlton Comics' superhero characters were bought by DC Comics. Alan Moore intended to use these characters as his protagonists when writing Watchmen as a limited series in 1985, although DC executives realised that allowing Moore to use them would make them unusable in the future. Instead, Moore created original characters that were based (sometimes quite loosely) on the Charlton Comics superheroes, and several of the Charlton superheroes (including Captain Atom, the Question and the Blue Beetle) were introduced into the mainstream DC Universe during that company's Crisis on Infinite Earths cross-over.

Charlton Comics characters and their Watchmen counterparts

Charlton Comics character Creator(s) Watchmen counterpart
Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett)
Charles Nicholas Wojtkowski Nite Owl (Hollis Mason)
Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
Steve Ditko Nite Owl (Dan Dreiberg)
Captain Atom
Joe Gill
Steve Ditko
Doctor Manhattan
Joe Gill
Steve Ditko
Silk Spectre (Laurie Juspeczyk)
Joe Gill
Pat Boyette
The Question
Steve Ditko Rorschach
Thunderbolt (Peter Cannon)
Pete Morisi Ozymandias

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