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Mothman was the fourth masked adventurer to spawn, and was one of the eight members of the Minutemen. His real name was Byron Lewis, only mentioned by Sally Jupiter, who said "That makes just three of us Minutemen left now. Me, Hollis Mason, and poor Byron Lewis, in the bughouse in Maine."


Mothman originally came from Connecticut, according to Hollis Mason's autobiography Under the Hood. He was a self-made millionaire, having made his fortune making patented inventions in the aviation industry.

Byron was a bored playboy who fought crime to add spice to his life. In 1939, a little after news of the Silhouette, there were reports of a man dressed like a moth who could glide through the air. This was actually a set of wings of Byron's own design, which he perfected after several near-fatal injuries. Before flying, he had to check the wind speed and air density, and his weight could vary by no more than three pounds, according to Hollis Mason. Because of the tremendous pressure put on him to stay in perfect condition, Byron developed addiction to aspirin, liniment, morphine, and eventually drinking problem.[1]

During World War II he went with Mason to enlist, but they both were classed as 4F[2]. He was a conscientious objector during the war and served as a medical aide.

Lewis would often appear flying as a "surprise guest" during Dollar Bill's publicity "pep talks" to the children. When it became hard to get hold of, Mason took his place.[2]

During the '50s, as Mason later mentions, the House UnAmerican Activities Committee forced all active costumed vigilantes to reveal themselves to one of their representatives. Due to left-wing friends that Mothman had cultivated while a student, his clearance was considerably more difficult than his companions. He was eventually cleared, but Mason describes the investigations as both lengthy and ruthless.


Byron in the 60s

Mason speculates that the pressure of this meeting may have prompted his future drinking problem, but Laurence Schexnayder points out that the stem of his harder drinking was after the death of Dollar Bill. After a long bout of drinking, Mothman had a complete mental breakdown, and in 1962 he was admitted into a mental institution that Rorschach reveals is in Maine.


Mothman sectioned

Masked adventurer Mothman being sectioned for admittance to a mental institution in Maine - 1963.

"Me, I hope we keep out of it. Just thinking about war, it scares me..."

Mothman wears an expressively gaudy costume themed like a moth. Although most is gray, he has a large letter "M" across his chest in bold red, as well as a red belt with a gold star and two antennas attached to his forehead. The most pronounced of his accessories are the two considerably large, bright yellow wings that supposedly flap when he is scared or possibly when he is nervous as well.

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