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Burgers 'N' Boяscht
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As seen in frame 1, Burgers 'N Borscht is a fast food store.

(also spelled Burgers 'N' Borscht) is a restauraunt chain founded in 1985. It replaced the Gunga Diner after that restaurant was destroyed by the appearance of Veidt's monster. It also demonstrated a move away from isolation and colonialism (represented by the Gunga Diner) towards globalism and, in particular, smoother relations with the Soviet Union (as borscht is a Russian soup dish).

At the end of Chapter XII, Seymour buys burgers from Burgers 'N' Boяscht and brings them to the New Frontiersman office. Hector Godfrey prohibited him from saying the latter half of the name, as he doesn't allow Russian to be spoken in his office.

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