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Bubastis is Adrian Veidt's female genetically-engineered red and black-striped lynx created as an experiment.

She is first seen when Laurie Juspeczyk and Jon Osterman visit Veidt at his Antartica retreat, Karnak. She played an important part in Veidt's life, acting as his sole companion at Karnak.

Adrian's marketer writes him asking if he could add Bubastis and Adrian's fellow masked avengers Nite Owl and Rorschach (along with Nite Owl's ship "Archie" and former villain Moloch the Mystic) to their superhero Action Figures marketing line. Veidt enthusiastically agrees to Bubastis, but rejects the others. He also requests one of the toys of his cat after they are produced.

Bubastis used to sit with Adrian watching television and follows him around everywhere, which she pays for later in her life; while Dr. Manhattan is chasing Veidt down the hallway, the latter, uttering a regretful apology to Bubastis, throws a switch that kills his loyal pet and incinerates Jon. Jon then, to Veidt's surprise (though he admitted that he wasn't sure whether removing Jon's intrinsic field again would work), re-assembles himself from the ashes in less than ten seconds.

Assuming he cared about Bubastis - which seems to be the case - it is probable that his apparent calmness was due to the fact that he didn't care who died in the making of his utopia or that he simply shut it out until later.

Film Version

In the 2009 feature film, Bubastis' body is a light blue-white color but she retains her black striping.

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