• Birchman34

    Watchmen Crimebusters

    October 18, 2012 by Birchman34

    [1] check out Watchmen: Crimebusters my RPG adventure strategy. A "pre Keene Act" adventure with all of your favorite, and little known "Watchmen" returning to do battle for control of New York City and America.

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  • Lupinistic

    The Question is if worst comes to worst and there is a war here... Who is Willing to fight? Are you?

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  • Peteparker

    New blog feature

    January 9, 2009 by Peteparker

    Hi guys -- we just launched a brand-new feature called blogs, and this wiki was selected to be in the group of wikis who get it earlier than everyone else!

    Blogs are a new type of article with a single author -- it's a way to express yourself on the wiki without worrying that other people will edit what you write. You can use blogs to write opinions, fan fiction, community announcements, top 10 lists, questions -- anything that you want to write, but that wouldn't fit on a regular wiki article.

    Admins can edit or delete blog posts and comments, so you can still guard against vandalism and make sure that everybody is using blogs the way that the community wants.

    You can add blog posts to the regular categories that exist on the wiki, or create…

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