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Bernie (? - November 2, 1985) is a young African-American boy who is a minor character in Watchmen.


Bernie is a young but oddly maturely-behaved kid. He used to hang out at Bernard's newsstand sitting on a spark hydrant to warm his back while reading a comic book, Tales of the Black Freighter, which he doesn't pay for. He frequently go back to the stand to continue the story. Bernard did not like him at first for reading comics for free, but as the nuclear war threat emerged, his emotions started to warm and he even gave him his hat on a rainy day. Bernard also gives Bernie the comic book. As days pass, Bernie goes back to the stand to read more of the Black Freighter series. Finishing the story, he didn't like it and gave it back to Bernard which angered him a little since he was being nice to Bernie. He said that all the time they saw each other he never actually got his name, and so Bernie told him. Bernard was surprised that both of them have the same name, but Bernie didn't care too much since it's a common name. As they are having a conversation the nuclear bomb Adrian Veidt planted blew up destroying half of New York and killing both of them.

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