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Bernard (? - November 2, 1985) was an elderly man who owned a newsstand opposite the Gunga Diner on Fortieth and Seventh. He started the business because his wife, Rose, had died. Walter Kovacs was a regular customer, usually purchasing a copy of the New Frontiersman.


He was very talkative, constantly sharing his unsolicited opinions on current events with anyone that happened to be nearby. He believed as a newsvendor he was in a natural position to be well informed about what was going on in the world, and typically espoused cynical views that the world was headed for nuclear war.

Other customers were Malcolm Long, Joey, Derf and Bernie.

On November 2 he was mumbling concerning the Pale Horse concert in Madison Square Garden and the several strange Knot Tops figures it gathered. Aline approached him and asked if he had seen Joey and then waited at the Promethean. She left angry when Bernard mentioned to tell her that Hustler was due the next day.

Later, Gloria Long asked him if he saw her husband. Bernard told her to ask a black man selling watches nearby; at that comment, Gloria felt insulted, as if all black people belong to a "negro club" knowing each other.

He was killed as part of Adrian Veidt's scheme to force peace upon the world via the Alien Monster. Shortly earlier he had learned that he and Bernie shared a first name, and attempted to shield the boy from harm as they both died.

In the final episode, we see that Bernard's news-stand has been replaced by a coin-operated vending machine for the New York Gazette

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