Aline is a young, middle-class lesbian and the lover of Joey.

Aline is young and pretty, she works in a magazine with a lot of middle-class gay urban professionals ("guppies", as Joey scornfully calls them). She uses words like "relationship" rather than "dating" or "shacking up". She thinks the area round the Promethean offices is a "dump". Being younger, she follows youth fashions, affecting a Knot Tops image, which might seem 'tough', but in gangs like the knot tops (or real-world skinheads and bikers), 'chicks' are often expected to be submissive to their men, so it doesn't contradict her 'femme' role.

Aline is a member of GWAR and an active supporter of gay causes. Joey finds this exasperating and wants to know why they can't just go to bed together without it being a cause. Joey sometimes "really tries", as they both put it, to keep up with Aline's enthusiasms. for example getting Bernard to advertise a GWAR event ("Your stupid dyke disco") at his newsstand (where she buys Hustler, which disgusts Aline). She does this in a very butch manner, threatening to rip Bernard's balls off if he doesn't cooperate.

She gets killed by the Alien Monster.

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