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Known Range

Adrian Veidt after retiring from masked adventuring created a line of action figures based on his friends and enemies during his time as an adventurer.


Ozymandias: Is fully poseable with removable cloak, tunic and headband and accurately portrays Adrian Veidt's Physique.

(OZB003): Bubastis. A fully poseable replica of Ozymandias's pet mutant lynx


Rorschach: Is fully jointed and poseable and has a removal hat and trenchcoat.

(OZB001): Rorschach's grappling gun. Is an accesory for the Rorschach model, and is capable of firing a spring loaded miniature hook and a length of line.


Nite Owl: Has a removable cowl and belt, and is fully poseable.

(OZB002): The Owlship. Assembled from existing Photographs, the built to scale model has an accessible fully lighted interior and a fully detailed cabin.


Moloch: Comes with a detachable handgun and magicians jacket.

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